and  Being an effective defender

10 Weeks - $125.00   Student Handouts provided  -- Drop Ins  $15.00

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Tues. 9:30

Building a Better Foundation

Week 1 Opening no-trump - responders decision, placing the final contract - includes transfers
Week 2 Responding to 1NT, when final contract has yet to be determined - invitational bids, stayman & transfers
Week 3 Opening one of a major; responding with or without support; various point count ranges
Week 4 Finishing the auction after 1-of-major opener; re-evaluation
Week 5 Opening 1-of-minor; responding 
Week 6 Preferences, forcing bids, and finishing the auction
Week 7 Preemptive bids and responses
Week 8 Weak 2 openers and responses
Week 9 Overcalls and advancing
Week 10 Take out doubles and advancing



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