UnderstandING the Language of Bridge!


Presented by Gary Brown


Thursday April 5th, 2018 - 9:30 am to 11:45 am


No need to register.  Just show up and enjoy.

Bring a note pad and a pen.


MCG Bridge Studio - Suite 160, 6960 Mumford Road, Halifax, NS


For more information send email to Gary at:  ezeriah78@gmail.com

Gary Brown is starting a new class (starting this Thursday morning) but it is not a beginner's class.  It is for beginners, but not players who have never played before.  It is for people who have learned to play - but are struggling with the structure of bidding and tired of not understanding it.  So if you want to unravel the confusion that bidding sometimes entails, the next 8 weeks of classes are dedicated to you.  Gary Brown, author of the American Bridge Teacher's Association's Book of the Year in 2007 "Learn to Play Bridge" With 5-Card Majors will be your teacher.  He is also author of the best selling Flash Cards 'A Guide by Your Side' and several other Bridge learning aids. 

His passion is teaching.  His love is Bridge. 

Check out these classes.  Only $12.  Over 8 weeks, Gary will give you 8 important pieces of the bidding puzzle in an easy, understandable style.  He will teach for 30 minutes and then, you have 1 hour and 45 minutes with pre-set practice hands - depicting the topic of the day.

Hope to see you there at 9.15 for the 9.30am start.  Please do come early.