The Stars Speak

March 8th – 14th, 2004


MONDAY – 9:30 AM  Jill started the festivities with a Quiz for her “defense” class as they were the first to get some points for their teams.  Certificates for all the students.

      12:30 PM – The FIRST Club Championship of the WEEK.  Winners of this club championship were:

      7:30 PM  5 tables of recent graduates came to play their “review hands” and participate in some “Bridge Quizzes”.  Sporting team colors and it was clear that the game was on.


TUESDAY – 9:30 AM  “Play of the Hand” class and some guests enjoyed a morning of bridge. 

      1:00 PM  “Reach for the Stars” is Jill’s POPULAR Tuesday Topic.  SLAM BIDDING, now that you know the Basics of BLACKWOOD how to get “full value” out of the Convention.  Jill handed out lots of points to teams that completed their “bridge Quiz”

      7:00 PM  Canada Wide Olympiad Fund Game.  Congratulations to Jill and Colin for their 66% game each scoring 350 points for the FIRE Team, putting them in the lead. 



      7:00 PM – A very Special Club Championship Game.  The Bridge Studio’s own Rookie/Master Game.  15 tables came to play in the Club Championship.  Astrology Trivia was the Team Point Winners, Tom Cheng was a great help with this quiz for the “Earth Team”


THURSDAY – 9:30 AM – 0 – 5 Practice Play, Rose Hope is inspirational for the AIR Team sporting Blue & White Every day and always arriving with charms and such.

      12:30 PM  AFTERNOON DUPLICATE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP  11 tables for the Club championship.  CONGRATULATIONS TO:

      7:00 PM   Rookie Game with no Masterpoints but lots of fun and play.


FRIDAY 9:30 AM  Even the “Absolute Beginners” making a contribution to their teams.

      1:00 PM  Highlight of the game was the “Liar’s Club” with the help of Phil Decker from Liverpool to complete the panel.  At least we now all know what a “Blue Peter” is.

      7:00 PM  BEAT THE MANAGER --  A GREAT night for the bridge players, not so great for Mr. Buckley, it seems that Jupiter was not in align and it was a bad day for Pisces – Balon appears to have had bad luck as he did not score too well in this Club Championship.  CONGRATULATIONS to Jim Mathers for coming first (does he want to be a Club MANAGER)


SATURDAY 12:00 NOON  for Brunch.  12:30 Game Time: Club Championship – Brunch was delicious, thank you to all who donated some food (and thanks Pam for bringing the recipe for us all to share), a great game and a great day.  CONGRATULATIONS: .


SUNDAY 11:00 AM  The Bridge Studio’s 7th ANNUAL Pro/Am Team Game.  10 TEAMS competed in this 2 session Club Championship.  The winning team of the day was John Ayer, Stuart Eastwood, Nancy Fraser and Margie Oulton.  Bringing the contest to a very close race but Earth could not get enough points to take over the lead.  Fire still came out Champions for the WEEK!



      Stuart Eastwood – Overall Points Won

      Beryl Higgs  -- Non-life Master with Most points won

      Pam Tracey  -- Novice Player with Most points for the week


      Special Awards:

      Mary MacKay – Air 2nd Most Points won

      Rose Hope – Air – Novice Participation

      Nancy Fraser  - Air – Decorating and Team Spirit

      Menashe Cieplinski – Earth – Team Spirit Award

      Jim Mathers – Earth – 2nd most Point points for the Team

      Jill McCormick  - Fire – Most Points won for a the Fire Team

      Lil Ring – Fire – Participations and Team Spirit

      John Ayer  - Water – Most points won for the Water Team

      Sandra Wood  - Water – Non-Life Master Award for Water (2nd most points won)