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MONDAY  March 23rd - Day 1


“Soap Opera Monday”  


Help us celebrate the Bridge Studio’s 17th Anniversary. We kick-off the week with one of TV’s oldest traditions- The Soap Opera.  Of course they are soap opera’s because they were sponsored by Soap Company’s – come with your best tribute the SOAP to win some bonus points for your house.  REMEMBER 25 spirit points for just wearing your House Colours.


    Treat of the day: Anniversary Cake

      12:30 – Club Championship Open Stratified Pairs – Anniversary Cake!!   

      7:00 – Just play Bridge -- our non sanctioned game will also be able to win points for their team - Wear Team Colours  for the benefit of your house.

    ¾  TEAM COLOURS – 25 Spirit points

    ¾  Dressing Up:  Earn your house 50 – 100 points

    ¾  Today is a tribute to SOAP - bonus points 


Day 1 Recap: What a start for the Week.  9 tables in all with lots of Network representation.  Sheena brought in lots of  goodies for the CBC House including some cool mugs - to which became prizes for our afternoon winners Rod Mackenzie  and Sheila Cardone and our evening winners Sandra Macdonald and Ann Coffin  - Sandra  and Ann were a double whammy for Global as they took advantage of TWO games today.


"Exile Island" is back and for all players taking penalty points of 1100 or better -- well welcome to the Island.  I have it on record  of about three  or more pairs today who scored such a number - don't forget to put your  name on the ISLAND.


It appears that the most popular soap opera is Coronation Street with lots of players coming with crowns and other remembrances of the famous British Soap.


It was a fun start for today -- Good Luck everyone.


Added Bonus - since I am not on a house - IF I happen  to win some masterpoints they will be donated to the team that would currently be sitting in 4th place.


SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS  -- Afternoon Club Championship winners were Rod Mackenzie and Sheila Cardone.  The other three houses are very close in points -- but as always happens -- things can change.

The eight table non-sanctioned game was great fun with lots of soap and house colours overall winners - Sandra MacDonald and Ann Coffin


Team standings at the end of day 1:

HBO -  1,899
CBC -  1,696
CTV -  1,625
Global -   1,140



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