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Tuesday  March 24th - Day 2


“Crime Time Tuesday”  


        Bring something with you that you would find on a TV crime show and win spirit points for your house.  Wear your house colours for 25 spirit points.

    SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS  -- Everyone one was in the Spirit of Anniversary week starting at 9:30 this morning as I started awarding points for "Crime Scene" Items.


The 499er Pairs game had 14 tables and most of the masterpoints were won by the CBC House, who has taken a big lead.  The game winners, Valerie Brisco and Marlene Dexter won lots of masterpoints  for CBC and brought a bag full of evidence.  


Two top prizes today, one for Neil Decorby who handed me an old kleenex and said it was the criminals DNA - and the 'bribe' from P. MacKay of Global (Thanks).  Beryl's famous fudge made it's appearance for bonus points for CBC - come on Global - start cooking!


Tonight we had a tie for FIRST place  - Stuart Eastwood & Marcia Shaw with Del Knox & Daya Pillay.

Close race -- get your house mates out to play!!


Team standings at the end of day 2:

CBC -  5,669
CTV -  3,918
HBO -  3,846
Global -   3,452



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