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Wednesday  March 25th - Day 3


“Wacky Wednesday”  



Start your day with a laugh, get your house together and pick someone to tell the best joke – Bonus spirit points for your jokes! Afternoon players – Spirit points for anyone who come dressed as a comedian or character from a comedy show


    ¾  TEAM COLOURS – 25 Spirit points

    ¾  Tell a Joke and win 15 more  points -- tell a GOOD Joke and win 25 points, tell the BEST joke for 100  points

    ¾  Wednesday evening -- Family TV Theme - who is your  favourite  TV family?

SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS  -- The morning started  off a bit rushed but we had time for a few jokes, so we were all in a  VERY good mood.  The masterpoint awards this morning went to Carol Thompson  (HBO) and John Ayre (CTV).

Joke telling stars were: Jean Cooke, Maxine Cordon, Rita  Lajaunesse, Mary Smith and Trish Hattie.  The longest joke was from Jill Tobin ( we  have kept it at the Studio for anyone  to read  - it is very good!)

Ten tables in the 299er game with the victors  being Maxine Cordon (CTV) and Val Powell (CBC)

Family night team garnering lots of SPIRIT  points for their team was "The Cartwrights" Trish Hattie, Rick Dill, Bob Edmunston and Diane Livingstone.

Taking 1st place in our 13 table Eight is Enough Team Game was: Jim Mathers (CTV);Scott MacDougall (HBO); Verna Macleod (HBO) and Fred  Angus ( CTV)  -- This team must remember to put there autograph on one of the starts in our Walk of Fame!  And  I did not hear if anyone received the  opportunity to take a  trip to Exile Island.


Team standings at the end of day 3:

CBC -  7,827
HBO -  7,677
CTV -  6,759
Global -   5,792



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