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Thursday  March 26th - Day 4


“Sci-Fi Thursday”  


            Futuristic gadgets or Sci-Fi character - bring it along to the Studio on Thursday - afternoon or evening for these club championship games and win Spirit points for your house


  ¾  TEAM COLOURS – 25 Spirit points

    ¾  Bring something for the “Theme of the Day” -  50 – 100 points

    ¾  Futuristic gadgets 40 points; characters – 85 points

SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS - well it was out of this  world today.  We had several little spacemen and aliens around today, winning points for their houses, but the big prize went to Global thanks to Derek Broughton who brought in his Dalek and Stuart Eastwood had his TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space).  Adele Stewart and her partner pulled  off a first place this afternoon and the evening game was won by Carole Anne Patterson and Marlene Dexter.

     TOP  MASTERPOINT WINNER TO DATE -- Sheila Cardone -- with 555

    2nd most masterpoints --  Daya Pillay & Del Knox each with 511

SPIRIT  POINT  LEADER -- Beryl Higgs with 300 (no wonder CBC is leading)


Team standings at the end of day 4:

CBC -  9,891
HBO -  9,483
CTV -  7,758
Global -   6,436



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