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Saturday  March 28th - Day 6


“Grand National Team Game”  RED / BLACK points

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The Heart of Bridge Award was presented today by Hazel Harlow (last year's recipient) to a very deserving member of our bridge community and someone who really shows us all that quitting is not part of the game -- This incredible lady just sits down and play the game she loves so  much.

From all the members of The Bridge Studio we give a very warm and heart felt CONGRATULATIONS to

EVELYN CAMPBELL - the 2015 Heart of Bridge  winner



WOW What a Team game we had today!!  Our Flight "C" players really showed their STUFF today!!

The UNBEATABLE Labrie team (Daniel Labrie, Roseanne Reeve-Newson, Linda Walker, Marilyn Bernardo) came in a strong first place - Beating the Doane/Mackenzie  Team by 16 IMPS

A resounding 64 Victory points - beating out the Peter MacKay  (Peter MacKay, Kent Richie, Sheila Cardone, Tim Mathews) team by 10 VP.  Congratulations.

Third place today was another "C" team, Richardson (Donna Richardson, Carolyn Courteen, Mary Martin, Rob Martin)  who met with the McCormick/Anderson Team for their final match and nipped them out by 5 IMPs.

Well done - just goes to show you what can happen when you just sit down, take a breath and play some bridge!!


Winning Team today - 1st in A, B, & C  Daniel Labrie, Roseanne Reeves-Newson, Linda Walker, Marilyn Bernardo

2nd place - Peter MacKay, Kent Richie, Sheila Cardone, Tim Matthews

3rd place  in A, B, & C - Donna Richardson, Carolyn Courteen, Rob Martin, Mary Martin 

Player with the MOST points (Masterpoints & Spirit Points) as of Saturday - SHEILA CARDONE with 1248

Runner Up - Hazel Harlow- 933


Team standings at the end of day 6:

CBC -  14,512
HBO -  14,119
CTV -  12,386
Global -   11,703



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