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TIP OF THE WEEK: Conventions, conventions.  We think it looks good to have them on our convention card, but are they a help or a hindrance?  Be sure you understand the simple agreements before adding conventions!!  Did you know that conventions like Jacoby 2NT, Inverted minors and even 2/1 were designed for looking for SLAMS - not games.  I believe that anytime you or I have an opening bid opposite our partner's opening bid we can get to a GAME contract!  So what is the use of Inverted minors - to fine a minor suit slam!  What is the use of Jacoby 2NT and 2/1 - to explore slam possibilities at a low level.  Do you know who the captain is in auctions like the three mentioned?  I really believe it is much better to have some firm understandings of the basic language of bidding before adding 'conventions'.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the March "Up the Ranks" - Daniel Labrie, Michael Ross, Marilyn Bernardo and Linda Walker.  Also congratulations to (and welcome to the game) our 2nd place in A (1st in B & C) Harold Nason, Vi Nason, Elayne Andrews and Claire Coolen.  Thank you Victor for another well run game and thank you to everyone who brought along some snacks - all was wonderful.

This short week features the ACBL wide Seniors game Monday afternoon as well as 3 club championship games.
- Monday afternoon at 12:30 - ACBL wide Senior pairs game. ( $ 11.00 )  If you are under 60 years young you can still receive club points, just not ACBL wide points.
- MONDAY evening at 7:00 "Just Play Bridge" - a fun relaxed 2 hours game where help is available - come for 6:45 and hear Liz's "Pearl of Wisdom" - We have chocolate for the winners (no masterpoints, just fun). There are several new students ready to come and play and we have some special boards made so you can wade into the shallow end.
- Tuesday evening at 7:00 - Club Championship - triple masterpoints & prizes for winners of the game ( $ 10.00 ).
- Wednesday evening at 7:00 - Pro-Am team game Club Championship - triple masterpoint game ( $8.00 ). Where the Pros play against the Pros and the Ams (players with less that 300 Masterpoints) play against the AMs.  If you are interested in playing and need a partner or pair contact Bill at 902-443-4676 or email: BHalliday@Eastlink.ca - we need both pros & ams  - so send Bill and email (or reply to this message)
- Thursday evening with EARLY start at 6:30 to finished by 9:30: Club Championship - triple masterpoint game & prizes ($ 10.00) for players with less than 1000 masterpoints.  This game needs some vamping up so try and get in the game.  Most of the players have fewer than 300 masterpoints, so if you are new and eager - this is he game for you.
- Friday 12:30 - Game cancelled out of respect for our Unit 194 sectional which starts at 1:30 and continues on Saturday and Sunday.  For more information: <Click Here>

- THINKING BRIDGE - Monday March 19th and March 26th - 9:30am.  Kathie has a 2-week workshop to make you SHARP at the table.  Looking at the cards and taking in the inferences & assumptions from the bidding and drawing good conclusions. This is what makes people say you have "Card Sense" - it is all from looking at the cards and listening to the bidding.
- Thursday at 9:30 - Watch for Gary's message for what he has in store for this Thursday - it is always a great class.  No need to sign up for a series, each week is an individual lesson - mind you, once you get started you will not want to miss any of these remarkable classes.
- Friday at 9:30 - the 150 game ( players with fewer than 150 masterpoints ) is still on as normal.

HEADS UP - Celebrating the Bridge Studio's 20th ANNIVERSARY April 9th - 14th - Be Ready for a ROARING GOOD TIME!

THIS WEEK'S BRIDGE QUIZ -- is once again attached to this email or to enjoy online click here: <Weekly Quiz>

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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