M C & G  Bridge Studio   6-May-2018

Tip of the Week: 
It is important to know what you and your partner play over interference of your 1NT opening. Some pairs play “Systems On”, where they pretend the overcall didn’t occur and bid Stayman and transfers (this often gets extended to ‘Stolen Bids’, wherein a double indicates that you would have bid what your opponent bid). Other pairs revert to natural bids, with either a negative or penalty double. Whatever you choose to play, make sure your partner is on the same page - especially if you are  bidding at the three level!

Kudos & Congratulations 
We have many to congratulate this week – firstly, the Aces Walking Team, and secondly, the numerous 70% games this week.

Congratulations to the Bridge Studio Aces Walking Team - they led the pack.  The Aces had the proud distinction of leading the Alzheimer’s Walk for Memories today. They were announced as the TOP fundraiser in Halifax with over $7,200.00 raised. Nancy Fraser was the top personal fundraiser. KUDOS to everyone that contributed to the cause -  you are fantastic. All raised money stays in Nova Scotia to help with programs and assistance for those who suffer from dementia and those that care for people suffer from this horrible disease. See attached for a photo at the walk.

Secondly, there were many 70% games this week to congratulate. On Monday evening, we had TWO 70%s – Leola Leck and Dorothy Dewolfe with a 75.89%, and Steve Coates and Lew Landers with a 73.51%! Thursday Evening, Janet Benvie and Rite Lajeunesse had a 71.28% game! Congrats everyone!

Special Game & Events this Week 
This week continues our GRASS ROOT fund games, which offer triple masterpoints for only $1 more! The extra dollar goes towards helping fund our District winners to help represent Eastern Canada.
Our Grass Root games this week are:

·        Monday 7th 12:30pm – OPEN game

·        Tuesday 8th 12:30pm – 499er game

·        Wednesday 9th 12:45pm – 299er game

·        Wednesday 9th 7:00pm – MIXED PAIRS TEAM GAME

·        Thursday 10th 7:00pm – our ever-growing 499ers game

Additionally, the Bridge Studio has two special games this week. Firstly, our 2-session MIXED PAIRS team game is starting this Wednesday evening and will continue next Wednesday evening. It will be a two-session team game where every partnership is a man and a woman. Bring your spouse if you dare – alternatively, make your own team or contact Kathie if you need teammates or a partner. TRIPLE points and plenty of fun and food and only $10/person!

This Saturday, the Bridge Studio is hosting the District 1 Grand National Team Finals. There are two sections in this two-session team game – OPEN and 0-2500. Gold points are offered in both events, so this is not a game to miss! Game time starts at 10:30 and there will be a brief lunch break midday. Cost is only $100/team for the day.

Also, don’t forget about our monthly Up the Ranks team game for our 0-1000 crowd! It is next Saturday at 12:30pm and is a great event for any intermediate or beginner player to come out for a fun game! Contact Kathie if you are looking for teammates.

Improve your Bridge:

Thursday at 9:30am – the lesson of the week! We will be continuing our look at opener’s rebid in greater detail, and then be playing relevant hands afterwards – always a fun time! Look forward to this week’s quiz shortly this week and bring it answered Thursday morning!

Thursday evening is beginning to grow, and we are expecting even more this week.  Remember we start to play promptly at 7:00 and end at 9:30. At 6:30, there is a short “Bridge Topic” – This week it is “Help-Suit Game Tries” – it is easy to grasp and execute.  Come and see how it works!

Summer classes - Victor is looking at running summer classes or workshops, and it interested in hearing what students would like to learn. If you have a specific topic you’d be interested in looking at in depth, either on a weekend workshop or Tuesday morning, be sure to email Victor at victor.lamoureux@gmail.com or mention it to him! 

This week’s quiz:

Per usual, the quiz is attached to this email, as is the answer to last week’s quiz, or click here

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill & Victor
The Bridge Studio


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