M C & G  Bridge Studio   13-May-2018

Tip of the Week:
In general, you want to lead through strength and lead to weakness. This is to minimize giving declarer free tricks that they wouldn’t have won otherwise by letting them win as cheaply as they need to. This often applies when the dummy is tabled and you are leading in to dummy – you often want to lead dummy’s weakest suit. This also applies on opening lead – when choosing between a suit dummy bid and a suit declarer bid, lead dummy’s suit, to lead through strength.

Kudos & Congratulations
Congratulations to Glenda Reader and Patricia Roy for the 73.33% game this Tuesday afternoon!

Also, congratulations to our GNT District winners. In the Open Flight, we had Rod Mackenzie, Leo Weniger, Denis Murphy and Dan Landry; in Flight B, we had Ron O’Brien, Charles Fortune, Irena Szabla and Gordon Young. We look forward to seeing them compete in Atlanta this summer!

Lastly, congratulations to Barb Croft  and Karla Zwicker for becoming Life Masters this weekend! We will be having a cake Friday to celebrate!

Special Game & Events this Week
This week continues our GRASS ROOT fund games, which offer triple masterpoints for only $1 more! The extra dollar goes towards helping fund our District winners to help represent Eastern Canada.
Our Grass Root games this week are:

·        Tuesday 15th 12:30pm – 499er game

·        Thursday 17th 12:30pm – Open game

·        Thursday 17th 7:00pm – our ever-growing 499ers game

·        Friday 18th 9:30am – 149ers game

Additionally, don’t miss out on our Up the Ranks game being held this Saturday, May 19th at 12:30! This 0-1000 team game is always a fun time for all those who attend and has plenty of goodies to snack on! In addition, it is a Grass Roots game as well, so extra masterpoints will be awarded! We still have room available on the sign-up sheet, and if you need help finding a partner or teammates, email Kathie.

Starting Wednesday, May 23rd, in the evening, Margie Knickle is organizing a Mentoring game. While we have mentors and mentees matched up already, it is certainly not too late to join. Email either Kathie or Margie (at margieknickle@gmail.com) to apply (either as a mentor or as a mentee)!

Improve your Bridge:

Monday at 9:30am – the LAST of Kathie’s Defence classes. Come on out to the lesson on “Putting it All Together”, where we will look at nine challenging hands that involve leads and signals to make a killer defense! Only $15.00!

Thursday at 9:30am – Come on out to the Thursday morning class where we will be continuing our look at opener’s rebid, as well as some common scenarios we run in to on the second-round of bidding. Come alone or bring a friend, it’s always a good time!

Thursday evening is our 499er game at 7:00 – but come at 6:30, for Kathie’s Bridge Topic. This week, she will be looking at the correct card to lead when leading partner’s suit – and stay afterwards for another Triple Points Grass Roots game!

Summer classes - Victor is looking at running summer classes or workshops, and it interested in hearing what students would like to learn. If you have a specific topic you’d be interested in looking at in depth, either on a weekend workshop or Tuesday morning, be sure to email Victor or mention it to him!

This week’s quiz:

Per usual, the quiz is attached to this email, as is the answer to last week’s quiz. Alternatively, you can click here.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill & Victor
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