M C & G  Bridge Studio   20-May-2018

Note: The Bridge Studio is open on Monday, May 21st (On Victoria Day), for both Afternoon and Evening games.

Tip of the Week: 
When partner makes the opening lead, it is your job, as third-hand, to play smartly to the first trick (remember, the contract is often made or broken at Trick 1). If you aren't required to play a high card, your low (spot) card should be communicating something to your partner. Typically, you will be giving an attitude signal (a high card encourages; a low card discourages). However, if dummy has a singleton or void in a suit contract, you tend to give suit preference instead (telling your partner which of the other non-trump suits you prefer)

Kudos & Congratulations 

First, congratulations to the winners of our Up The Ranks team game this Saturday! Malcolm Capstick, Gail Ginn, Charley Sharkey and Bob Feindel, who won Flights A, B, and C!

Additionally, congratulations to our big games this week. Stuart Eastwood and Virginia Giza had a 70.25% game Wednesday morning, and Lew Landers and Steve Coates had 70.25% Friday morning. Congratulations!

Special Game & Events this Week 
May is Grass Roots month! These games are a dollar extra, which goes to support our local players who represent Eastern Canada in the Nationals - and you get nearly triple points! Our Grass Roots game this week are:

·        Monday 21st, 12:30pm - Open game

·        Wednesday 23rd, 7:00pm - our new Mentoring game! (see below for more details)

·        Thursday 14th 7:00pm – our ever-growing 499ers game

·        Friday 18th 12:30pm – Open game

Starting Wednesday, May 23rd, in the evening, Margie Knickle is organizing a Mentoring pairs game. While we have mentors and mentees matched up already, it is certainly not too late to join. Email either Kathie or Margie (at margieknickle@gmail.com) if interested (either as a mentor or as a mentee)!

Save the Date!

The World Wide Pairs will be held Friday, June 1st at 7:00pm and Saturday, June 2nd at 12:30pm. Play in one or both and have the chance to compare with bridge players internationally! Commentary from world-class players will also be provided for the hands played.

Improve your Bridge/Students of the Game

Saturday, June 9th - Free Bridge in a Day! It's never too late to learn bridge - if you know someone interested in learning, this free introduction to bridge is a perfect starting point. Kathie will go over the basics of how to play, enough to whet anyone's bridge appetite. It is from 10:30am-2:30pm, bring-your-own lunch. Tea and coffee provided.

Thursday at 9:30am – Come on out to the Thursday morning class where we will be continuing our look at opener’s rebid, as well as some common scenarios we run in to on the second-round of bidding. Come alone or bring a friend, it’s always a good time! The quiz has already been emailed out - if you did not receive a copy, please let Victor know at victor.lamoureux@gmail.com

Thursday evening is our 499er extra points game at 7:00pm – but come at 6:30, for Kathie’s Bridge Topic. This week, she will be looking Trumps leads - why you might lead trumps and when to lead them. Be sure to come for a fun time!

Summer classes - Victor is looking at running summer classes or workshops, and it interested in hearing what students would like to learn. If you have a specific topic you’d be interested in looking at in depth, either on a weekend workshop or Tuesday morning, be sure to email Victor or mention it to him!

This week’s quiz:

Per usual, the quiz is attached to this email, as is the answer to last week’s quiz. Alternatively, you can click here

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill & Victor
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