M C & G  Bridge Studio   3-Jun-2018

Tip of the Week: 
Blackwood and Gerber are two oftentimes-confused conventions when asking for Aces. Gerber should be used whenever the last bid was a natural NT (for instead, a 1NT opening/rebid/overcall). Blackwood should be used whenever the last bid was a suit. This is because a 4NT bid after a NT bid is quantitative – asking about partner’s quantity – and acts as an invite. 4C after a suit bid has numerous meanings depending on the auction (a cuebid/a splinter/a natural suit), so it can’t be used to ask for aces.

Kudos & Congratulations 

Congratulations to our winners of our Saturday Afternoon World Wide Pairs game, Mike Tanner and Liz Legacy! We look forward to seeing how everyone places worldwide!

Special Game & Events this Week 
We have numerous special games and events happening this month! Firstly, we have our NAP club qualifying games! These extra-dollar games offer red points, as well as the chance to earn club qualifications for the upcoming North American Pairs in our local division. The games this week are:

·        Tuesday 5th, 12:30pm – 499ers game

·        Thursday 7th, 12:30pm – Open game

·        Thursday 7th, 7:00pm – our 499ers game

·        Friday 8th, 12:30pm – Open game

Our Mentoring pairs game is continuing this week. While we have mentors and mentees matched up already, we may still be able to accommodate more players (particularly Mentors). Email Margie (at margieknickle@gmail.com) if interested (either as a mentor or as a mentee)!

Save the Date!

Our upcoming Up the Ranks game is going to be held Saturday, June 16th, and offers silver points! This 0-1000 team game is always a fun time – if you’ve never played in a team game before, this is the one you should try! If you’ve got any questions as to what a team game is, simply ask Victor or Kathie, and they will be sure to explain them to you!

Thursday, June 21st is the Longest Day! This is a sunrise to sunset day filled with bridge, with proceeds going to support stopping and preventing Alzheimer’s. We have eight 12-board games that run during the day, the first one starting at 6:30am, and the last one starting at 7:15pm. Come for one or stay for the day!

Improve your Bridge/Students of the Game

Saturday, June 9th - Free Bridge in a Day! It's never too late to learn bridge - if you know someone interested in learning, this free introduction to bridge is a perfect starting point. Kathie will go over the basics of how to play, enough to whet anyone's bridge appetite. It is from 10:30am-2:30pm, bring-your-own lunch. Tea and coffee provided.

Thursday at 9:30am – Come out Thursday morning for our workshop! This week, we will have the quiz sent out (I promise!) – and we’ll have another workshop where you can score yourself and see how well you know your rebids! Come out and see your improvement from the last time! All are welcome

Starting Tuesday, June 12th, at 9:30am , we are hoping to run a Bridge Basics 1 Course (Intro to Bridge). If you are interested or know someone who is interested, please let us know, so we can figure out if we’ll have enough people to run it.

This week’s quiz:

Per usual, the quiz is attached to this email, as is the answer to last week’s quiz. Alternatively, you can click here

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill & Victor
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