M C & G  Bridge Studio   17-Jun-2018

Tip of the Week: 
When you’re in fourth-seat, with three passes to you, rules for opening the bidding change a bit. For one, most pairs employ ‘intermediate’ twos rather than weak twos – a 2D, 2H or 2S opening shows a good six-card suit, usually about 10-16 points (depending on partnership agreement). Secondly, you use the rule of 15 to see if you can open – add your HCP to the number of spades you hold. If it’s 15 or more, open the bidding – if it’s less than 15, just pass out the hand.

Kudos & Congratulations 

Congratulations to the winners of the Up the Ranks team game this weekend – Flight A winners were Daniel Labrie, Michael Ross, Marilyn Bernardo and Linda Walker. In Flight B, there was a tie between Mary Martin, Robert Martin, Bonnie Boyd-Read and Elly Bronk with Gloria Ferris, Carmel Bailey, Mary Kelly and Madge Hicks. Flight C winners were Alan Barnett, Joyce Beaton, Polly Sodhi and Preethy Krishnan. Congrats to all!

Special Game & Events this Week 
Day OF BRIDGE – this Thursday, in lieu of regular games, we have our Day of Bridge. From sunrise to sunset, we will be playing 12-board games in support of Alzheimer’s charities and caregivers across Canada. The first game starts at 6:30am and continue until the last game which starts at 7:15pm. Come for one game or stay for all eight! There will be food served throughout the day, as well as raffle tickets.

This is the last week of our Mentoring Pairs. Thank you all for coming out this past weeks. Additionally, Margie says she will have surprises for everyone this week!

Tuesday, June 17th at 12:30pm (499ers game) will be a extra-dollar NAP qualifying game with some red points up for offer!

Improve your Bridge/Students of the Game

There will not be Gary’s workshop this Thursday morning due to the Day of Bridge – Gary is very sad that he’ll miss seeing everyone. The workshops will continue next week – however, this week, why not play a game or two at the Day of Bridge?!

Kathie will be hosting a Go for Gold workshop on Wednesday, June 27th in preparation for the upcoming CAN-AT. Attached is a poster describing the various items she will cover at the workshop.

Exciting Opportunities

Once again, Jerry Helms will be at the CAN-AT – and you could win a game with him! Tickets are being sold for $5 each or 3 for $10 – see the attached poster to learn more about this exciting chance to play with one of the world’s best bridge teachers!

This week’s quiz:

Per usual, the quiz is attached to this email, as is the answer to last week’s quiz. Alternatively, you can click here

See you at the tables,
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