M C & G  Bridge Studio   24-Jun-2018

Tip of the Week: 
Especially at Matchpoints, don’t be afraid to make penalty doubles! Far too often, your opponents will waltz in to your auction and try and steal it from you – so be sure to punish them if they overstep their boundary! When considering making a penalty double, look at your quick tricks – Aces and Kings -, your trumps, and what you partner has shown. If you think there’s a good chance you will set your opponents, double them! A good rule of thumb is, if you’re opponents aren’t making some doubled contracts (about 10-15%), you aren’t doubling enough!

Kudos & Congratulations 

Kudos to all those who came out to our Day of Bridge on Thursday. It was a great success – we had 100 tables across the day, and we are still calculating the funds raised, but we estimate it’s in the thousands! Thank you for your continual support for a great cause.

Also, congratulations to Doug Miller and Del Knox, winners of our Fast Pairs game.

Special Game & Events this Week 

NAP games – we have three more NAP club qualifying games this week – these extra-dollar games offer the chance to qualify for the District Finals and offer red points!

·        Monday, July 25th, 12:30pm – Open game

·        Thursday, July 28th, 7:00pm – 499ers game

·        Friday, July 29th, 12:30pm – Open game

Of note that the Thursday evening game will be the last ACBL-sanctioned game in this time until September. During the summer, we will be running a non-sanctioned game for only $5!

Also, note that the CAN-AT is being held next week! For information, please feel free to ask Kathie, Bill, Victor, or any of our directors or teachers.

Improve your Bridge/Students of the Game

Gary missed everyone last week – but this Thursday morning, he will be back for business! We will go strong at Opener’s Second Bid – you should have received the quiz already. Of note that he will be holding his workshop next week while the CAN-AT is underway.

Kathie will be hosting a Go for Gold workshop on Wednesday, June 27th, from 7:00-9:30pm. This workshop is designed to make you feel more comfortable about our Regional [CAN-AT] tournament happening next week! Understanding the convention card, what to alert and not to alert, when to ask question and when not to ask questions; your rights at the table, how the director is your friend, and some tips from the experts on table presence and more! $10/person

Exciting Opportunities

Once again, Jerry Helms will be at the CAN-AT – and you could win a game with him! Tickets are being sold for $5 each or 3 for $10 – see the attached poster to learn more about this exciting chance to play with one of the world’s best bridge teachers!

This week’s quiz:

Per usual, the quiz is attached to this email, as is the answer to last week’s quiz. 

Alternatively,  you can click here

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill & Victor
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