M C & G  Bridge Studio   9-Sep-2018

Tip of the Week: At trick one, take your time to make your plan! Regardless of if you are a defender or the declarer, take a few extra seconds at trick one to figure out how many tricks you can take easily, what your plan is to take more tricks, and what could go wrong. This will guide you through the play later on, and you will certainly be glad you took the extra few seconds to plan out the hand. And if you're the dummy - don't play to trick one until declarer calls a card, even if it's a singleton!

Kudos & Congratulations: Congratulations to Candace Flemming and Roddy Mackenzie for their 70.42% game on Thursday afternoon! Additionally, kudos to everyone who's been helping out with the reno & redocorations at the Bridge Studio - every little bit helps!

Games this Week: Almost every sanctioned game this week is a club championship game! Be sure not to miss out on all the extra points that will be awarded! Additionally, the following games are special:

Wednesday evening, 7:00pm, is our first session of our two-session CNTC qualifying game. This team game offers red points and the chance to qualify for the CNTCs!

Thursday afternoon, 12:30pm, is the International Fund game! Come on out to get extra points and see an analysis of the hands from Bridge Bulletin contributor Frank Stewart!

Students of the Game:

Know anyone interested in learning bridge? We've got bridge lessons starting up soon! Notably, Kathie is running a Bridge-in-a-Day Workshop this Saturday from 10:30am-2:00pm. This free lessons teaches all the basics to learn how to play the greatest game! 

Beginner lessons will be starting soon. Gary is running two separate eight-week courses; one is Thursday evenings, 7-9:15, starting Sept 27; the other is Morning mornings, 9:30-11:45, starting October 1.

We've also got other lessons starting up - a full list is available at http://www.bridgestudio.org/Lessons/Lesson_Information.htm

Quiz - please find attached the quiz of the week as well as the answer to last week's quiz.

Happy finessing,

The Bridge Studio Team



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