M C & G  Bridge Studio   16-Sep-2018

TIP  OF  THE WEEK: You cannot defend properly unless you 1) Remember the bidding 2) Know what system your opponents are playing 3) Watch the cards (especially the little fellows) 4) Count the points

KUDOS AND CONGRATULATIONS: Congratulations to all the Club Champions; and to Steve Foran and John Bassett with 73.75% for their win on Monday Evening

REQUESTS AND THANKS: As we do not charge for coffee, it would be greatly appreciated for those who enjoy the coffee to donate a can to the club. Decaf would be appreciated too. Thank you to those who have donated already but our supplies are still low. And a big thank you goes out to whoever was kind enough to buy us the new kettle. It will be enjoyed by many. And to Dorothy Chisolm who was kind eneough to donate the ream of paper.

NOTED: Our Winking Queen still casts her watchful eye as we transition to our new brand She has been invaluable in patient.

Playing bridge for the fun of the game

Monday Night - play begins at 7:00 and runs until 9.  Liz has her pearl of wisdom at 6:45

Thursday Morning - Brush up your game -Come see Gary on for some bridge brush-up. Gary is fun, entertaining and informative - come on out and improve your game.

Thursday Night – Fast Pairs – only 5 min per hand. No messin’ around. We have some beer and wine, and always some snacks on hand for a pleasant evening - No partner, no worry, we can find you one.

Students of the Game:

Know anyone interested in learning bridge? We've got bridge lessons starting up soon! Notably,
Gary is running two separate eight-week courses; one is Thursday evenings, 7-9:15, starting Sept 27; the other is Morning mornings, 9:30-11:45, starting October 1.
For a complete list of what is starting this fall <Click Here>

Quiz - See below for this week's quiz as well as the answer to last week's quiz.

Mark your Calendar: We will be CELEBRATING our Grand Opening with a BLACK AND WHITE GALA event on Friday, October 5, and team games are in the works for Saturday. More is yet to be revealed so stay tuned.

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This Week’s Quiz:

South opens the bidding with 2S and North bids 4S.  You lead the H-K, declarer wins in dummy and next plays the S-J and you win the King and then take your two good Heart tricks.  All your side needs is one more trick to defeat the contract – which suit do you attack?



                                     J 9

                                     A 9 5

                                     – A Q J 7 4

                                     – K J 6


You  West

K 5

K Q J 3

– 10 9 8 5

– 10 9 7


Solution to September 2nd Quiz:

Your RHO opens 1 Heart

You hold:

10 7 2

A K J 10 3

A Q 9

7 3


What is your call? 




What a dilemma your RHO has “stolen” your bid – you have the hearts.  Fist thought is to ‘double for penalty- but NO – partner thinks it is for ‘take-out’.  Next thought is to bid No Trump, you are point shy, but you do have heart stoppers.  Forget all that.  Let us hope partner is on the ball and with NO hearts and values in spades and clubs - PARTNER will make the ‘take-out’ double.  Back to you and you will PASS!!   This is one of the reasons I love  partners that make “balancing” doubles  - I have  the opportunity to turn them into PENALTY DOUBLES.