M C & G  Bridge Studio   23-Sep-2018

TIP  OF  THE WEEK:  When partner opens with a WEAK 2 bid, be careful when you respond.  Remember that on average the weak 2 bidder’s hand contains about 8HCP with a pretty good suit.  With a singleton in partner’s suit and NO strong suit of your own, do not even think of bidding unless you have 16 or more HCP.

IMPORTANT NOTE; Please note that the Mentoring games on Wednesday night will be postponed until the end of our  fall lesson series.  THERE IS NO GAME THIS  WEDNESDAY  EVENING.
5 Weeks of Bridge Bliss - WEDNESDAY NIGHT TEAM CHALLENGE.  All of October - watch  for the sign up sheet and instructions.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS:  Winners of the "Up the Ranks" for September Kate MacIsaac, Helen Prowse, Dorothy Gibson & Robert Hubley.  And finishing second overall (1st in  B & C) Clare & Alan Barnett with Keith & Julia Taylor.
Congratulations to: Scott Macdougall and Del Knox had a 73.61 % on Friday afternoon the 7th, Gerry Callaghan and Art Donahoe for a 70.42 % on Thursday afternoon.

REQUESTS AND THANKS: Thank you to those have dropped  off  a can of  coffee.  It is very helpful for the Bridge Studio if all coffee/tea drinkers donate a can of coffee (we drink a lot of coffee) - it keeps  the expenses down and we  love to always have cans in the store room.  So if you see coffee (or tea)  on sale, just pick up some up and bring it into the Bridge Studio -- Thank you.


Monday afternoon the 24th and Friday afternoon the 28th are both International Fund games.  For an extra $1.00 you can win triple points.
Wednesday morning 9:30 - Canadian Open Pairs - TRIPLE RED points.

FOR THE STUDENTS OF THE GAME:   Please see sign-up sheets on the back wall!!
BEGINNER CLASSES - First class this THURSDAY evening at 7:00.  Gary Brown will be teaching from his own award-winning text.  It will be a great beginning - have friends or family curious about the game - send them along.  For 'daytime' people another beginner class will start on Monday Ocotober 1st at 9:30.
POPULAR CONVENTIONS - Come see Victor on TUESDAY morning 9:30am.  It is one thing to know about Stayman, Transfers, & Blackwood, but  a whole new world to understanding them!  Once you understand why these work, you can then apply  the logic  to  more of your  bidding.
DOUBLES & TROUBLES - Carol Hamilton has the wonderful Better Bridge course on 'Doubles".  The double is one of the most diversified bids in our bidding language - making the double, uderstanding the double and advancing the double is one of the most basic and useful tools in your bidding toolbox.  Wednesday mornings 9:30 - beginning October 3rd.

Finally it is here ----
THE GRAND (re)OPENING OF THE BRIDGE STUDIO.  Friday night we are having a GALA Charity Event.  Festivities begin at 6:00 with wine and lots of hors d'oeuvres, and the drawing of prizes. We have something for everyone  - The grand prize is a day of sailing with Margie & Glen.  Other prizes include a private lesson with Gary, wine, cheese cake, tax expertise and much more.  If your name is in the jar by 6:40 you will win a prize.  This event is to celebrate the new owners and a Charity Event in support of the Halifax Hospice.  The  cost is $25.00 per person and the dress is BLACK & WHITE (country club casual).
GRAND OPENING TEAM GAME - Saturday October 6th  - and it is a GOLD POINT EVENT. Two sessions (6 rounds/7 boards), sectionally rated.  Pre-duplicated boards, lunch included!  $12.50 per person per session.  Game time is 10:00am and should end at about 4:45.  There will be TWO flights (A/X & B,C,D).  Limited to 20 teams - sign up sheets on the back wall.  If you need help finding a partner or forming a team -  no worried - contact  the Studio (902-446-3910) or email: admin@bridgestudio.org

THIS  WEEK'S BRIDGE QUIZ - See below for this week's bridge quiz.  Just a  quick easy question for you to work out what would be a logical bid!  And the answer to last week's defensive problem.

May all your finesses be onside,
All the  Best,
Susan Evans and the Bridge Studio Team



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This Week’s Quiz:

Your RHO opens the bidding with 2H.  What is your call holding:


S – A K J 10 9 3

H – 7 3

D – A K 8

C – 9 4


Solution to September 16th Quiz:

South opens the bidding with 2S and North bids 4S.  You lead the H-K, declarer wins in dummy and next plays the S-J and you win the King and then take your two good Heart tricks.  All your side needs is one more trick to defeat the contract – which suit do you attack?

You have two choices, the clubs or the diamonds – one is  an obvious choice, can you  see it?



                                     J 9

                                      A 9 5

                                     – A Q J 7 4

                                     – K J 6

You  West                                                        East

K 5                                                               8 3 2

K Q J 3                                                       7 6 4

– 10 9 8 5                                                      3 2

– 10 9 7                                                          A Q 8 5 2


                                      A Q 10 7 6 4

                                      10 8 2

                                      K 6

                                      4 3


It might appear that you want to lead a diamond through the strong suit in dummy – but look again.  You know your partner has one defensive card either the K or the A.  If they have the ♦K they will ALWAYS win it – declarer has no where to throw it away.  IF however they have the A then if you do not play that NOW declarer will discard the losing clubs on the long diamonds.  LEAD A CLUB. 

One big lesson in declarer play to establish dummy’s long suits, so as defender it is logical not to help declarer establish  the long suit in dummy.