Bridge Base Online (BBO) Introduction

BBO is a terrific platform for playing, practicing, and learning bridge. We encourage ALL our players to try online bridge. Some of the things you can do on BBO are:

  • Use the best declarer play teaching software (FREE)
  • Play bridge with your friends or with strangers (FREE)
  • Play bridge against the computer (some FREE, some cheap)
  • Play ACBL games for masterpoints (costs $$)
    • ACBL games vs humans
    • ACBL games vs computer
  • Practice at bidding-only tables (FREE)
  • Play solitaire bridge (FREE)
  • Participate in teaching sessions

All you need to do is register with BBO to create an account.  It's free and they don't ask for any personal information.  Then you need to orient yourself to the basics of BBO - this can take a little time.  Here are links to two helpful videos that show how to register and do some basic things:

  • Basics of BBO (9min) - register/login, add friends, host a table, bidding practice, solitaire
  • How to play on BBO (6min) - the basics of navigating and playing

If you have specific questions or problems getting started on BBO let us know using the form on this page or send us email.  We will provide answers or post more videos.

BBO User List

Add your name by sending us a note using the form on this page, or send us email. (note: HBW also maintains a list of names, so add your name to their list too

Directors, Teachers, Team BBO Name   
Tanner, Mike newt99
Halliday, Bill ns_Bill
Callaghan, Gerry columbo1
MacNab, Kathie k_macnab
Legacy, Liz legacy1e
Kirby, Jim newfydoc1
Dexter, Glen sailorglen
Knickle, Margie margiejak
Shaw, Marcia marciashaw
Cieplinski, Menashe menashe


Player name BBO Name
Barnett, Alan gabnet
Barnett, Claire break70
Boyle, Russ Tombie5753
Bucknell, Andrew kintarma
Bucknell, Michelle MichelleB6
Camp, Bill camper
Coffey, Joeanne ab988
Cooke, Jean jcookehfx
Corkum, Janet ostrea
Cotterill, Noah paerole
Courteen, Carolyn mccourteen
Cruden, Bill Whamond91
Das, Mallika MDHFX
DeLong, Brian goose231
DeLong, Fran Frian2312
Donahoe, Art artied
Foran, Steve steve97
Gillis, Heather weatherhan
Goodman, Mary goodwoman4
Hussain, Gundi idnug2
Jourdeuil, Phil psychlone85
Kayser, Elliott HalifaxEK
Knox, Del daxmo
Labrie, Daniel Daniel_007
Lanctot, Guy hoopman
MacDonald, Bev BevMcD
MacDonald, Sandra sjmacd
MacPherson, Sandra bernerdog
Marshall, José omasview
Martin, Mary mefarwell
Martin, Rob RIGM
Mathers, Jim maddog1
McClintock, Valerie Vlj50
Nickerson, Winnie twinnova
Pringle, Susan retiredn
Rans, Peter hawkmoon1
Richardson, Donna drichard4
Ritchie, Kent kentrina
Samuel, Winston wfsam
Sampson, Rosemary moth123
Spittal, Paul Paulspit
Stewart, John stewball
Stiner, Maureen cadence23
Tanner, Dave bluerocks
Waters, Graham GeeDubU
Zahorski, Alexandra olagigi
Zimmerman, Joyce zim3


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-- BBO Login --

ACBL games on BBO

BBO is actually an ACBL bridge club and you can win real ACBL masterpoints in their games.  The ACBL and BBO are also working to allow other clubs (like Bridge Studio) to host their own games on BBO, but this isn't available yet.

The ACBL has basic info and Q&A about these games here -- ACBL and BBO games

First, you need to make sure your BBO account includes your ACBL number. So they will know where to send those masterpoints! The ACBL games cost money so next you need to deposit money in your BBO account, the instructions to do that are here:  BBO money link

The ACBL games are all located in the "ACBL World" link on BBO.  There are several types, but the two newest types are the "support your club" games and the have the "ACBLSYC" name beside them:

  • Pairs games three times a day - 11am, 6pm and 8:30pm. You need a partner before you sign up. Registration opens two hours before game time and we recommend you sign up early! Currently these games have a maximum of 600 pairs.
  • Daylong robot game.  You play 18 boards against the computer, and so does everyone else. You can play at your leisure and start/stop as often as you want. At the end of the day your score is compared to everyone else's.

The ACBL "support your club" games cost $5.00 (US), of which $4.00 will go to your local club.  You will also win BLACK masterpoints.

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