Bridge Studio Team

  • Gerry Callaghan

    Club Manager, Teacher, Director

    Acting Manager, President of Owners Cooperative, Bridge Director

    Sapphire Life Master - 4,740 Master Points
    Member of the 1980 Team that went to the finals of the Canadian Open Team Championships only to lose (after 10 grueling days of round robins) by the narrowest of margins - one IMP!

  • Victor Lamoureux

    Chief Director, Teacher

    Victor is our resident savant. He became a life master at 12 years and 20 days old. A Canadian record for youngest Life Master. At only 20 years old he is our chief director. Victor just returned from a commendable showing at the World Junior Championship in China. On top of all this he finds time to study full-time at University...and...he is popular Bridge Teacher.

  • Mike Tanner

    Committee Member, Bridge Director

    A Ruby Life Master with some 2,000 master points - Mike is one of our top players. There could be a dynasty forming at the club - as his Dad Dave is also an avid player and his wife Shirley is in the Introductory class. Mike was lured on to the team - mostly because we kept asking his opinion about this or that - or we required his tech savvy to get something done. He knows a lot of stuff.

  • Liz Legacy

    Committee Member, Teacher and Director

    Liz is Nova Scotia's top master point earner. She hails from Cape Breton. Liz has in excess of 7,700 master points and is an Emerald Life Master.
    Liz heads up our Just Play Bridge series which gives the newbies the confidence they need to move to the next level. One of the clubs iconic members.

  • Bill Halliday

    Bookkeeper, Director

    Bill is our bookkeeper and one of our top directors at the club. Bill knows all the machinations of running the club because he has been working in the business for many years. With a whopping 6,226 master points Bill is a Diamond Life Master and clearly one of our top players.

  • Ms Margie Knickle

    Committee Member

    Margie is a Bronze Life Master. She is on the Duplicate Committee, always helping behind the scenes and a positive presence at the club. She loves dogs, sailing and Bridge. Nice life!

  • Marcia Shaw

    Committee Member

    Committee Member
    A Sapphire Life Master with some 4,200 Master Points - Marcia is one of our top players. She is the pleasant one at the table. If you need a job to be done - give it to Marcia - and you can consider it done! She is amazing.

  • Art Donahoe


    Huge supporter of the club and an all around nice guy. Art is the secretary of the Owners Cooperative. He has some 1,300 Master Points and just loves playing Bridge. From the looks of his hat - I would say he likes playing 'No Trump'.

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