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Effective January 1, 2013 Leo Weniger will be the new District Director, prevailing in an uncontested election, after George Retek steps down after 33 years of service.

April 2013


1)   There is an Amnesty Program for those who have let their membership lapse or do not pay Life Master service fees. This program runs to the end of June and allows past members to have their old master points recorded for free when renewing their memberships or paying life master service fees.

2)   There will be a Youth NABC followed by a World Bridge Federation Youth championships. I encourage our Junior and Youth players to attend these events which take place at the same time as the Atlanta NABC in August.

3)   Elections will be held in 2013 for First and Second Alternate Directors for our District. Candidates must apply by May 31st. Further information is found in the April ACBL Bulletin.

4)   As my next report will be just before the probable date of the next District meeting, Iím reminding Units that the next District Board Meeting will be at the CanAm in August. District President, Peter Clark will be notifying the Units of the date and time.  

5)   Unit 151 will be sponsoring a Teacherís Accreditation Program (TAP) in French. This subsidized program will be held in Montreal, June 14-16, and will be lead by Star Teacher Kamel Fergami. For more information please go to the Montreal Bridge League website. Congratulations to Unit 151 for taking this initiative which we hope will result in many new members.   

6)   Grand National Teams (GNT): The District 1 Finals of GNT will be held at the Quebec City Regional in May.  Flights A+C will be held on Sun, May 19th and Superflight and Flight B will be on Mon, May 20th. Interested teams will enter the Regional Swiss that day and declare that they are playing in the applicable GNT flight by paying an extra $1.00 per player. The entered team with the highest score in the flight will be eligible to represent District 1 at the National Final at the Atlanta NABC. There is no pre-qualification required, and no subsidy from the District.  We hope that you will participate in this prestigious event.  

7)   Congratulations to all District 1 participants in the National Finals of the North American Pairs (NAP) at the St. Louis NABC, especially Stephane and Eric Reiher who came 9th in NAP Flight-B and Denise Roy-Letourneau + Danielle Tremblay and Louis Leroux + Jacques Beauregard who came 2nd and 11th respectively in NAP Flight-C.