2009 - Grand Slam Adventure

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Kathie and Jo Ann want to invite you to join us on a Panama Cruise and Bridge.



 February 12th to 22nd 2009 from 

Acapulco to Fort Lauderdale

We were all aboard on Thursday February 12th.  Meeting each other for our WELCOME COCKTAIL PARTY.  Jo Ann and Boyd with Kathie and Bill were delighted to meet such an enthusiastic group.


Friday morning bright and early at 9:30 we met for our first class from the NEW Audrey Grant and Eric Rodwell book on 2/1 Game Force.  Met with a bit of interpretation from some Jo Ann and Kathie started with the introduction.  Soon everyone was eager to learn more.

Our first game was held that afternoon at 2:00 and the next game was in the evening at 7:00.  No one was ready to practice their 2/1 just yet... but soon.


Saturday was Guatemala, class in the morning then a noon hour adventure  into the port for some shopping and of course the local beer!



Back on board for our games in the afternoon and again after dinner.  Dining in the beautiful Island Princess dining room was delightful.  We were all together at our two tables, which we changed tablemates each evening, getting a good chance to chat with each other.


Nicaragua meant it was Sunday.  2/1 is starting to make more sense and some of the students were applying what they had learnt during the games.  Bill went in search of an Internet Cafe, first working in a small 'rustic' little place but then finding out he could just sit on the sidewalk and turn on the computer as the internet service in Nicaragua was not secure.  



We did find a cute little cantina for a local beer.  Some local merchants were by trying to sell hammocks.  The deal started out to be too good to be true, and as it turned out it was -- Much haggling, but no luck getting the hand woven hammocks for the $5.00 the vender almost accepted -- the 'boss' came along and insisted they were $20.00 each, so all deals were off.  But the local beer was good!


The walk through the streets of Nicaragua was a bit much for Frank and we soon found him a wheelchair - good thing as Frank was determined not to miss a lesson or for certain a game.


Costa Rica was our next port and we promised an adventure on our own.  We hired a van that took us on a trek into the jungle.  First stopping at a town square where a small concert had just finished up with some local dancers, a visit to an ancient church.  We stopped to admire a grove of trees and beautiful scenery, then a small cantina/gift shop in the wilds we enjoyed some local cuisine, then off to look at some alligators.  The highlight was when our driver stopped at a homestead and the young girl there took us out back and she called in the monkeys.  We all took turns offering them some fruit.  What a great experience that was.  Our driver, Daniel, gave us some history and highlights of Costa Rica to make the trip very interesting.


A day at sea was on Tuesday and we continued with our classes in the morning and our two games - one in the afternoon and again after dinner.  Tuesday allowed everyone some down time, to sit up on deck over the lunch hour and grab some rays, read a book, or simply sit out on their personal balconies.  


Wednesday we traveled through the Panama Canal.  Beginning very early in the morning Boyd and Jo Ann met some of our group up on deck as we went under the Bridge of Americans and entered our first lochs.  We moved our class to a Cafe and the lesson was by the big picture windows, so we did not miss any of the scenery.  We left the last loch just after our afternoon game and then docked in Crisible, Panama.  Some dancers on shore, tons of gift kiosks and what would a port be like without the local beer.  The Island Princess's sister ship the Coral Princess was also in port, so after we got the passengers sorted out of who was on what ship we were off through the Caribbean Sea.


Thursday was a sea day, another chance to relax and absorb all that wonderful information from the A. Grant/E. Rodwell text on 2/1.  After class we had a short Turtle meeting, inducting some new members - R U a  That evening at dinner we were all dressed up for our final formal night - what a Grand looking group we were.


Of course we did have some time to just talk and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Island Princess.  Here we are enjoying a "girls night out".


Ocho Rios, Jamaica was a small port which had the usual dockside shopping and the local cold beer.  Some time on the beach by some, and some time to shop for others.


Our last day was on Friday.  We have all become good friends and spent a lot of time over our goodbyes.  Our farewell Cocktail party was held in the Wheelhouse Lounge, where we acknowledged all the players and students.  Bill had a slide show for us with pictures from our trip.


The 2009 Grand Slam Adventure Championship game was held at 8:00 with the winners of the event turned out to be a tie - Micky and Betsy along with Peter and Carol.  Peter was named the MOST masterpoint winner for the cruise - congratulations.



Kathie and Bill, Jo Ann and Boyd would like to thank everyone that participated in our FIRST bridge cruise.  We had a great time - great adventure and met a truly great group of people.



PS -- I have more pictures to post - please bare with me.  /Kat

Please keep checking here as we plan our NEXT Adventure.  Jo & Kat


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