In-person club is temporarily CLOSED

BBO only   

The in-person club is temporarily CLOSED due to the new health restrictions. We will keep you updated on the re-opening plans.

All games are now on BBO and we hope to see you as often as possible over the holidays. Note that the Wed evening TEAMS game is now stratified and we'd love to see all levels of players at this fun game. To register in advance, find teammates, or send questions about this game please email Gerry or Bill ...

  • Gerry -
  • Bill -

Stay safe and warm and have a wonderful holiday season!

The Bridge Studio Team


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All our club results are posted on BOTH Pianola and ACBL Live, except team games which are only on ACBL Live.


Our Directors are non-playing Directors.  This is so they can be on the floor and available to execute the various duties of a director.  This is to the benefit of all our players.  Hence it would be a rare event for the director to play - and if they did play - it would only to make up a full table - never to create a half table.  So if you do need a partner - we are happy to work with you and compile a list (with phone numbers/emails) of people you are happy to play with.  This allows you to take control of chosing your own partner.  Thank you from the staff at the Studio.   

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