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December Bridge Highlights

A copy of the calendar can be downloaded here.

We have loaded our schedule for December with special games and a chance to close out the year with lots of extra masterpoints.

  • Each of the FTF games are either Club Championship or COPC events. 
  • TWO super Christmas events:
    • Christmas Swiss - December 17th, CNTC. Two sessions starting at 10:00 with a hot lunch. Only 6 rounds so we should be finished by 3:15. Pre-registration is required and there is a Sign Up sheet at the club. Cost is $25 per person.
    • Christmas Pairs - December 23, Club Championship. One session startng at 12:00 but join us at 11:15 for sandwiches and sweets. Cost is $10 per person.
  • We welcome the 0-500 players to join us for the Thursday and Friday afternoon games, starting on the 15th. There will be a separate section for you if there enough tables and the entry fee is only $5. If there are not enough tables for a separate section you can opt to play for free in the Open section.

Ho, ho, ho ... and we hope to see you often,

The Bridge Studio Team

Mask policy: optional but please bring one. Your tablemates may prefer masks at their table and those requests should be honoured.

  • Our Studio page for BBO info and support ... click here 
  • ACBL's info/support for online BBO games ... click here
  • ACBL's info for online learning/lessons ... click here
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All our club results are posted on BOTH Pianola and ACBL Live, except team games which are only on ACBL Live.


Our Directors are non-playing Directors.  This is so they can be on the floor and available to execute the various duties of a director.  This is to the benefit of all our players.  Hence it would be a rare event for the director to play - and if they did play - it would only to make up a full table - never to create a half table.  So if you do need a partner - we are happy to work with you and compile a list (with phone numbers/emails) of people you are happy to play with.  This allows you to take control of chosing your own partner.  Thank you from the staff at the Studio.   

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